Mindfulness in Education is an invitation to self-discovery and to becoming a skilled purveyor of mindful, compassionate, and ethical ways of teaching.

Mindful Education
There is a great mindfulness in education movement underway. As you read these words students from Rwanda, to Israel, to Jamaica, and throughout the US and Canada are exercising their attention muscles, they are opening their hearts to gratitude and forgiveness, they are learning to relax and to love themselves. More ->
Start with Self
To teach mindfully we need to be mindful. There’s no way around it. If you are a parent, teacher, therapist, or anyone else with children in your life, then the greatest gift you can give to them is your authentic presence. With this in mind, I offer here some resources for you to learn the art of mindfulness so that you can embody the practices with your students. More ->
Mindful Classroom
Once we have cultivated our own mindfulness and compassion we can learn how to bring these teachings into the classroom. Below are some recommendations on how to incorporate mindfulness into your school or youth-based setting to cultivate an environment that is conducive to inner connectedness, emotional health, and social fluency. More->
Lessons and Practices
Here we explore a number of lessons that can be delivered in various youth-based settings. Mindfulness lessons for youth can be grouped into four basic types – embodiment, attention, heartfulness, and interconnectedness – and can be adapted for any age group and population. Below are some lesson samples and videos that show the lessons in action. More->

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